By Nicole Nguyen & Yazan Za3za3

(graphic violence is referenced)

As the world watched the armed deadly takeover of the Capitol on January 6, many of us struggled to define the political moment. An insurrection? An act of domestic terrorism? A coup? As military soldiers and police officers flooded D.C. in the name of national security, many commentators importantly noted that labeling the January 6 takeover as domestic terrorism risked increasing police powers that “inevitably get turned on communities of color, even if they [are] ostensibly aimed at White violence at first.”

How we understand January 6 — the concepts…

By Yazan Za3za3, Vigilant Love

(graphic violence is referenced)

Vigilant Love is outraged by the countless murders of Black people in the United States and beyond. Recently, protests and uprisings across the US are responding to the murders of George Floyd, a Black man who was suffocated by the State, and Breonna Taylor, a Black woman who was shot to death by police in her own home. This wave has erupted on a global level, with Black communities all around the world rising up and rejecting police brutality and state violence against their community. Floyd’s dying words were the same as Oscar Grant’s and Eric…

Vigilant Love

#VigilantLOVE creates spaces for connection and grassroots movement to protect the safety and justice of communities impacted by Islamophobia and violence.

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